Our achievement

It is a long established fact of success

55000Foreign Followers
60Certified Teachers
2240Students Enrolled
215Complete Courses

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”


Our Vision

A dream long cherished, to start an educational institution combining the virtues of Art and Culture, a dedicated school that blends discipline with freedom, endeavouring to raise the integrated child, led us to start this Institution in 1979.

We shall strive for discipline without distaste, and for freedom, within limits. We shall inculcate respect for our roots a tie up with the past in art, tradition and culture in all their purity and variety. We shall also concentrate on a take off into the future through methodical dissemination of scientific knowledge.

We shall endeavour to evolve an integrated human being not dwarfed by consideration of caste, creed or community, with the earnest co-operation of the teachers, parents and all well wishers. In this, our endeavour is to wean our wards away from the ills that we see clouding our society and threatening to weaken our nation. Our wards will be helped to learn and build self confidence and a spirit of service. It is a common task to be translated by the energy of youth, dedication of the educators and devotion of all concerned.

“Service before Self” is our watchword. We invite you to join this adventure. The results will be rewarding.

Our Aim

The aim of the school is to prepare the children academically, train them physically and hone them mentally to enable them enter into any walk of life to make them realize and respect the culture of our country.

Character, team spirit, dedication to purposes, discipline, self reliance, dignity of labour, patriotic outlook and a spirit to serve the country with zeal and efficiency are the qualities sought to be promoted through a programme of activities and instructions.

The School Seeks :

  • To develop in its students an intellectual curiosity, an eagerness for continued learning and the ability to use their knowledge for creative purposes.
  • To help the students discover their potential and channelize them to make integrated personalities.
  • To mould children of character, with conviction in moral values and courage in action.

Informations About The School

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E-mail islamiahmatric@gmail.com
Phone No. +91 4567-241565, 241558
Mobile No. +91 9442111333
Year of establishment of school 1979
Affiliated to State Board of Tamil Nadu
Affiliation No. 16-M-0010-0514
Name of the Society Registered under Society Act 1860 KALVI ABIVIRUTHI KUZHU [ EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE]

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