E-MAGAZINE -2019-2020


Part I Tamil / Hindi / Arabic
Part II English
Part III - Optional Subjects:  
Group A Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
Group B Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
Group C Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
Group D Accountancy, Commerce, Economics & Computer Science

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About Our School

The school has been founded before three decades, by forming a registered society in the name of “Education Development Committee” by the members of south street Jamath of Kilakarai, with a primary object of serving the society whole public at large especially for women education. It has been founded and run to enable muslim minority community to conserve its religion and language, and to give a thorough good, general education to children belonging to our minority community.

The vision of school is to see the desire of our minority community being fulfilled that our children should be brought up properly and efficiently and acquire eligibility for higher university education and go out into the world fully equipped with such intellectual attainments as will make them fit for entering the public services, educational institutions imparting higher instructions including general secular education.

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